The bandits on the mountain did not react to Ji's team of more than thirty people Their target was the three thousand hoplites In their view Ji's team was just a scout team at most Not even armor What if we let them come up Wait until they are close and then quickly solve it but also better to lure the enemy in depth Therefore those rolling logs and stones were not intended to be used against them at all However to the surprise of the bandits the team of more than 30 people did not continue to climb the mountain and stopped about 300 meters away from the hillside Six-petal plum blossom the rotation of the five elements the temperature scanning kiosks combination of Yin and Yang six as one the combination of the sun and the moon Ji Dong did not start but his voice was clearly in the soul of every student's mind In the next step a bright red target appeared in the spiritual world of these students This target is every point on the mountain Under the guidance of Ji Dong's spiritual power it directly helped them complete the lock With such a strong support they can devote all their attention to the magic of cohesion without any distraction Strong magic flows in the bodies of 30 students and the most overbearing part of this cycle is that every week the cycle increases the magic will increase a few points until their bodies can't bear it It is under such impact that their magic level will be greatly improved in these three months

The fifteen crowns of the sun and the fifteen crowns of the shade rose almost at the same time and the strong magic wave was released at this moment without reservation At this time the six magic fluctuations released by the magicians who have won two or three championships are so huge that the strangest thing is that the process of releasing magic by all of them is exactly the same and there is no difference in the speed of operation This is not the result of the students' own practice but under the unified control of Ji Dong's mental strength they have achieved the most perfect process When the students of the Sun and Moon School stopped the bandits on the mountain began to wonder what they were going to do When the bandits saw the thick magic light they realized the problem Among the bandits there are also magicians A few hundred meters away they can also vaguely see that these more than thirty people are not very old and they didn't take it seriously before At this time he felt the strong magic wave and immediately exclaimed that it was not good Only then did he realize that his own burial had been discovered by the other side As soon as the leader gave the order a large number of rolling wood and thunder stones immediately fell from the sky Rumbled straight down the hill Heavy cavalry legion here these elite heavy cavalry when they see the deputy army commander met Ji move on the big gift in the heart is not understand such a group of young people can be fierce to what place Our deputy commander is known as the leader of the younger generation of the Diamond Army and the successor of the future commander of the Diamond Army Soldiers who have witnessed the strength of the wolf's will are extremely admiring of the earth Therefore they are naturally full of curiosity about the identity of Ji Dong

It's just that no one dares to discuss it because of the strict military regulations Before they were marching they suddenly stopped and the young people they met on the way went out which made them confused It was not until the magic light appeared that they were surprised to realize that these young people were all magicians At this time smart whiteboard price I saw the rolling wood and thunder stone falling from the sky and then I realized how dangerous it was Although they are elite the strength is quite strong but wearing heavy armor the speed of the March can not be fast after all once they climb halfway up the mountain and encounter this kind of ambush they will definitely suffer a great blow At this time they were at the top of the first mountain forming an angle with the opposite mountain and the rolling stones could not hurt them at all But what shocked them even more was yet to come In the face of a large number of rolling wood and thunder stones falling from the sky Ji Dong had no intention of waving his cadets back and by this time the rotation of the five elements of the six groups of battle outdoor digital signage displays arrays had been completed "Gold" Every student has such a clear word in his mind Suddenly the six formations rotated in an instant and acted at the same time With only a slight turn the magicians of the Golden Department were already in front of them Their left hands were raised at the same time and they were facing one direction The next moment the strong white and golden light was rising into the sky

Six rays of light into six huge groups of light break through the air almost in the next moment the six groups of light have been perfectly integrated The reason why it is a light cluster rather than a light column is because of the distance Although the magic light column can last it can't reach far and the light group has no such problem at all The six light groups merged in the air in an instant turning into a larger and more dazzling white and golden ball of light and flew straight up the mountain Where they passed the rolling wood and thunder stones were broken one after another and they could not stop half of them at all As he watched the white and golden ball of light was already heading for a point on the mountainside Seeing this scene Wolf Tianyi could not help but shiver behind a layer of cold sweat his eyes even some dull Because in his judgment the scene in front of him should not have happened at all That's just a group of magicians who generally win two or three crowns!

How could they possibly do that Boom 11 an epoch-making loud noise echoed in the mountains only to see that the hillside was bombed as if it had been bombed the earth and rocks splashed in all directions and countless screams accompanied by more rolling wood and thunder stones fell From a distance we can clearly see that on the hillside there was a big pit with a diameter of smart interactive whiteboard ten meters This direct bombardment is not the most lethal the most lethal is the rubble exploded after the mountain was hit Scattered and splashed covered in all directions a large number of screams are caused by this those who were directly hit by the bandits can not call out the right Earth defense Ji moved a faint voice again three yellow and three gray condensed into a thick layer of khaki mask completely enveloping all 32 of them This time there was no need for Ji to do any more spiritual guidance Those broken rocks rolling wood and thunder stones falling from the sky were either bounced off or slipped past the mask but the mask did not even splash the halo for half a minute let alone cause any damage