There are only a few hours left in this month If you haven't cleaned up yet please vote out your monthly tickets and recommended tickets Let's use our tickets as swords and guns to spend the night of the coup together! Xiao _ Shuo t-x-t _ Tian/Tang Chapter 195 a Long Day (7) In the silent night groups of heavily armed officers and soldiers hurried through the streets their actions did not attract the attention of the people sleeping in the middle of the night This is due to the city system and the curfew system The empty streets the gutters on either side of the wide streets the walls of trees within the gutters the walls of alleys behind the trees and then the inhabitants who would notice the movement of the army in the middle of the night when they were far away from the long streets Qianqilang General Lu Maofeng slept soundly this night He had been in love with his new concubine for a long time Rao was strong and tired From beginning to end he did not find any sign of trouble from the outside world For him this is a good thing Two Zhang has the grace of promotion to him with his disposition it is very difficult to sit back and watch two Zhang die But he also attached great importance to his future in the army and Yang Fan's appreciation of him as well as his family his son his new favorite concubine if he really found something it would be a very painful choice Not good not good! In front of the Hall of Immortals a little eunuch staggered and ran shouting as he ran Before he could reach the door of the hall two little eunuchs face detection android suddenly appeared in front of him carrying palace lanterns in their hands One of them stood in the middle and snapped "Stop!"! Do you dare to run around in the palace Do you know the rules The little eunuch fixed his eyes on it and saw that it was Grandfather Hai who was in front of the emperor He said hurriedly "Grandfather Hai something has happened Something big has happened" A group of people are coming to the sage's bedroom They want to harm the sage Go and report to the sage There was a strange look on Xiao Hai's face "Are you serious" "Really!"

The little eunuch nodded and said "The maidservant saw a group of people and horses coming from afar in the Ningyin Pavilion" The maidservant wondered that it was so late How could there be so many people walking in the palace The maidservant became suspicious and hid aside to watch The group of people were carrying bright swords one by one and they were not soldiers patrolling the night in the palace Grandfather Hai you said they took knives and guns not to rebel He hasn't finished yet He received a heavy blow on the back of his head and his eyes fell forward to the ground A little eunuch appeared behind him holding a mallet in his hand which seemed to be the first time he had beaten a man He knocked the man unconscious with a stick but he stayed there instead "Hurry up and drag the man away!" Xiaohai whispered "Oh!"! Oh oh The little eunuch who hit the sucker came to his senses Hurriedly dragged the fainted Chamberlain away Xiaohai looked around and told the two lantern eunuchs "Stay here and guard against accidents!" Xiaohai said and hurried to the Purple Orchid Hall next to Yingxian Palace They are also waiting for the progress of things in the palace now it seems that the prince is smooth into the palace perhaps soon facial recognition thermometer he has to hurry to report Shangguan Daizhi and Princess Taiping are waiting for news in the Purple Orchid Hall Xiaohai just knocked the person who accidentally discovered the whereabouts of the soldiers and horses unconscious and dragged them away He had no time to examine them carefully As a result he missed an important piece of news It was not just this little eunuch who discovered the remonstrance but two As soon as the two men saw that the situation was not good they were really afraid But also feel that this is a great opportunity for meritorious promotion the moment a little discussion The two men were divided into two groups one came back to report to the emperor the other To bring in reinforcements The two little eunuchs said that they were clever enough to be able to change to this extent but they were really stupid enough to say that they were stupid They also don't think that team is from the direction of the Xuanwu gate is clearly with the guard of the Xuanwu gate thousand ride a party perhaps to is thousand ride which can also go to thousand ride to move reinforcements Speaking of probably also in order to prevent the military power is too centralized the emperor to the various imperial transfer is too complicated these little eunuchs in the inner palace simply do not understand also too lazy to understand the factions and affiliation of these imperial troops

The little eunuch who moved the reinforcements didn't go to the Xuanwu Gate He was going to the opposite of the rebels He went to Paomalou because he had just come from there and happened to see an imperial patrol there The little eunuch ran so fast that he almost lost his shoes When he arrived at the horse race downstairs he saw that the imperial guards had just turned out from the back of the building He hurried forward and shouted out of breath "Quick!"! Hurry up! No there's a traitor in the palace Go and protect the saint! "What" Someone broke into the palace The team was surprised to hear that the name of the team is thousands of riding just formed when Yang Fan personally admitted Xiao Qianyue Xiao Qianyue since changed the name called Xiao Yuke probably really turned the luck a few years down has been promoted to the team is the size is also an officer However with his current official position he was not qualified to participate in the secret and he did not know about the military remonstrance tonight Just as he was about to ask a man behind him hurried to catch up with him pushed him aside and asked in a hurry "What happened" The man who spoke was Tian Guidao the supervisor face recognition identification of the palace Tian Guidao was not a general of Qianqi but Qianqi was led by an official in the palace The official in charge of security in the palace was the supervisor of the palace

When Tian Guidao was weak in the crown he was promoted to the first rank in the Ming Dynasty and became Sibincheng and soon became Zuowei Lang Jiang Later when the Khitan rebelled the Turks took the opportunity to ask the court to designate Liuhu Prefecture and Chanyu Frontier Command as his jurisdiction Tian Guidao had been sent to the Turks for this purpose and was almost detained Fortunately Wu Zetian agreed to marry and sent Wu Yanxiu to the Turks with a large number of betrothal gifts As soon as he saw Wu Yanxiu the fat sheep he put Tian Guidao the shrimp back When Tian Guidao came back he immediately told Wu Zetian that he was ambitious and had no intention of marriage He would invade the Central Plains again in the future After that he detained Wu Yanxiu and sent his troops to Hebei to rob him Wu Zetian appreciated his foresight and promoted him from Wu to Wen and became the assistant minister of Xia Guan Soon after he was transferred from Wen to Wu and became the general of Zuo Jinwu He hung out with Wu Yizong for a while Later he took the path of Erzhang and became a servant in Fengchen prison Then he became a supervisor in the palace and began to be responsible for the guards in the palace