Since these years Yan Zhi and Jing Hong have taught Xiao Dong and Xiao Liang a lot In their minds Yan Zhi and Jing Hong are their martial uncles Master take care of yourself! The two of us will never let you down! Xiao Dong and Xiao Liang nodded heavily before leaving Bu Qingyun suddenly shouted "Wait" You don't know who I am I will tell you now My name is Bu Qingyun "Huh" Master is Bu Qingyun! Xiao Dong Xiao Liang exclaimed at the same time his face was full of disbelief and then he was excited and excited the first person in the gathering of wind and cloud! Repel the encirclement and suppression of the world's forces! Kill the ancient clan of Ji for hundreds of years! This man became his own master It's something they can't even dream of! Who in the world does not worship and admire Bu Qingyun There are many young people who follow his example and strive for his goal I don't know how many young and beautiful women are crazy about him The two of them felt a little thirsty at this time and their bodies trembled violently Bu Qingyun smiled for these two newly earned disciples there is also a trace of love in the heart like the elder brother to the younger brother of the kind of friendship "I still say that when you have not reached the realm of the imperial sky you must not say to others that you are a disciple of Kuanglan Zong let alone my disciple!" Xiao Dong and Xiao Liang nodded excitedly "

The disciple will never humiliate the school never humiliate the master!" All right let's go Have a good time Before leaving Bu facial recognization camera Qingyun gave them some silver Two people then on the road began their own new life this time with a vow to reach the realm of the imperial sky to help the master step by step the idea of a helping hand Looking at their back Buqingyun has a sense of pride I believe that before long these two people will be able to break out of the world! After seeing Xiao Dong and Xiao Liang leave Bu Qingyun returned to the house with Yan and Jing Hong Boss are we going out too After staying in this remote town for nearly a month Jing Hong had already moved foolishly Wheezy! Yan also made a sharp sound and bared his teeth and claws Bu Qingyun's pupils contracted nodded and said "Well!"! Set out! Go to the ancient clan with the surname of Ji to seize the regenerated grass! One man and two beasts simply tidied up and the house became a house without owner The deed of the house was placed on a table in the hall I wonder which thief would have such good luck to become the new owner of the house Jing Hong where is the city where you heard the news last time We'll go there Bu Qingyun wants to ask for some more information before he sets out so it's good or bad anyway so why not Boss it's not far away We can get there in three hours Replied Jing Hong North Ming has three States at this time only in one of the Liangzhou but the region is very vast if ordinary people I'm afraid need a lifetime to walk They set out before noon and arrived at the city in the mouth of Jing Hong at night face recognition identification kiosk which was called Xiangping City From a distance the city looks like a giant beast crawling The mottled walls indicate that the city has a long history and is very wide It is about five hundred thousand miles long and three hundred thousand miles wide The city is very prosperous and overcrowded which is a far cry from the small town where I lived before The streets are crowded with people the shops on both sides are dazzling people are overwhelmed the traffic is heavy and there is a crowded situation If you stay in the street for a while you don't want to walk and the people behind you will push you Boss there is a restaurant in the city of zhzh身ngy芋ng which is often overcrowded It is the best place to inquire about news! Said Jing Hongyao pointing to the brightly lit city below All right find an inn nearby to live in first Bu Qingyun nodded his head and answered In order not to be noticed he disguised himself At this time he was a middle-aged man of about forty with white temples As for Jing Hong and Yan Zhi it was the real body when Ji Qixue was killed at the beginning so don't worry too much about being discovered that is Yan Zhi should pay attention to one point after all many people know that Bu Qingyun had a small beast and Jing Lin spirit beast in those years Chapter four hundred and one To be on the safe side Yan has entered the body of Bu Qingyun to rest

//Welcome to reading// The city of Xiangping was very busy and almost every inn was full It was not easy for Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong to find the most remote and humble inn to rest and wait for the arrival of tomorrow Boss I didn't expect that there were more than ten monks in the city of Xiangping! When I came here a few days ago there were only two or three people Jing Hong said as he explored the city of Xiangping Bu Qingyun nodded "I'm afraid one or two of them are from the ancient clan surnamed Ji!" One man and one beast talked at random and it was not until the middle of the night that they went back to their rooms temperature screening kiosk to rest The next day The weather was sunny and sunny and I felt the warmth in this late autumn The city of Xiangping was noisy early in the morning as if it had never stopped Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong in disguise arrived at the restaurant early At this time there should be very few people in peacetime but these days it is very busy and overcrowded

The restaurant was full of monks from all walks of life and they were talking about it at this time Buqingyun listens attentively and wants to know something he wants to know from it Terrible! Chu Fei the second person at the gathering threatened to slay Bu Qingyun and told the world that if anyone told him the whereabouts of Bu Qingyun there would be a reward "Not only that Yao Ling Gu Zong He Wuhen and Ren Jia Ren yuan all claimed that they wanted to defeat Bu Qingyun" When Bu Qingyun heard the news the corners of his mouth rose while Jing Hong's face was full of disdain Said in a low voice "What does this have no hatred and what ability does Ren yuan have to fight with the eldest brother" As for Chu Fei's threat every man and beast knows what it means Drunkard's intention is not wine this Chu Fei is to let the world tell Bu Qingyun he has appeared want to get together with it This Chu Fei should have reached the realm of imperial emptiness Bu Qingyun laughed and then drank the wine Continue to listen to the voices of discussion around you But at the end of the day there was no news about the progress of the ancient clan surnamed Ji