"If you say so isn't the bronze fighter who got the phantom beast able to practice both magic and martial arts" In fact Zheng Yang is also a very ambitious person When he was a child he had a dream that he could become a fighter of both magic and martial arts However Zheng Yang found that it was too difficult Many people understand that if we can carry out the double cultivation of magic and martial arts it is self-evident that we can improve our strength Maybe we can really fight with the silver fighters Hu Hai nodded "In theory yes" In this way many people without magic qualifications can learn magic and feel the joy of magic! "Why do you say that in theory" Zheng Yang is pressing forward He did not let go of any loopholes in Hu Hai's language In Zheng Yang's view Hu Hai is very likely to provide a way to improve his strength quickly If this method is true then I don't have to work so hard to tame Warcraft What can I say Hu Hai tidied up his train of thought It's very simple For example you are the bronze fighter who got the popular phantom beast Pointing to Zheng Yang Hu Hai said "If you have the Wind Phantom Beast you can perform the primary magic of the Wind High Torque 12v Dc Motor System but in essence you still can't perform magic!"! The reason why you work magic It's because of your phantom beast So when you practice it's actually your phantom beast that practices magic not yourself that practices magic do you understand "So it is!"! It seems that the phantom beast is really important "Zheng Yang was suddenly enlightened" Other people began to really believe Hu Hai's words But "Hu Hai said" because you get the sixth level of the phantom beast it means that your most powerful magic can only be used to the intermediate magic of the wind system "

"Why" More people asked in unison The sixth level of phantom beast is classified as intermediate phantom beast When the intermediate phantom beast passes on its ability to its master it will be downgraded by one level that is the ability you have can only be as simple as the primary magic of the wind system "Didn't you say you were going to use intermediate wind magic" How did it become that you can only perform primary magic Zheng Yang is more and more concerned about the theory of this phantom beast "Hu Hai smiled" Please don't worry I haven't finished yet According to the latest information After getting the phantom beast the phantom beast can grow but each phantom beast can only grow one level at most The phantom beast you got before is the sixth level Through continuous hard practice your phantom beast will eventually grow to the seventh level up one level 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox that is it can be classified as a high-level phantom beast The ability that the advanced phantom beast passes on to the master is the intermediate magic! "Ah!" Of course there are still a lot of people do not believe they are talking "Really" Is there such a thing "Don't lie to us!" Hu Hai was also very happy to see more and more people listening to him about the phantom beast With folded fists Hu Hai said "Of course it's true!"! This is the first time we've met The reason why I Hu Hai said it was because I didn't want no one to know about such a good phantom beast theory! If you still don't believe me You can go to check if I Hu Hai told a lie I Hu Hai's head will be kicked as a ball for you! Zheng Yang said "Well since you said so I believe it!" That Hu Hai continues to say "Now I will say how to get phantom beast" "The level of the phantom beast is not finished yet!" "Yes!" "We need to know what the magic beast of level 7-10 is like!" "If everyone quarrels again I'll leave!" Suddenly it was quiet It's not that I don't talk It's that I know none of you are up to the level of a silver fighter I said it in vain Because the next phantom beast can only be controlled by the silver fighter "Why can the next phantom beast only be controlled by the silver fighter" Do you despise the bronze fighter To tell you the truth brother after years of practice I have reached the level of a bronze fighter

Do you think I will be the kind of person who looks down on bronze fighters The 7-9 level phantom beast is no longer at the disposal of the bronze fighter because there is already a difference in level And the most important thing is that you can't use the phantom beast beyond the level Otherwise because the power of the phantom beast is too strong it will lead to the reversal of the host and guest! The so-called host and guest reverse position Vending Machine Motor is the phantom beast controls you but not you control the phantom beast Many people were frightened by this sentence Next I will tell you how to get the phantom beast You Yitian "saw" that many powerful masters were stretching their necks and focusing their attention on Hu Hai The phantom beast to put it bluntly is the soul produced by Warcraft shortly after its death As long as we can drop blood on this soul we will get the phantom beast It's as simple as that! A lot of people looked at each other

I believe everyone has killed Warcraft But why didn't you get the phantom beast before It is because you have not shed your blood upon its soul Now as long as you understand this you can try it and guarantee success! "But I would like to advise you that a person can only have one phantom beast in his life" So you have to think carefully If you drop blood on a useless phantom beast your blood can no longer be used Of course if you don't believe in evil just try Even if you bleed dry you won't get another phantom beast One day you saw the man named Zheng Yang standing up "What is the soul" Does it really exist 。 ichgearmotor.com