Mu Rulan look a move suddenly stood up there just aimed at Mu Rulan people were startled a shake of the gun almost fell to the ground The others were equally surprised thinking that Mu Rulan had discovered them But Mu Rulan stood up and called the waiter to pay the bill The waiter came over just in front of Mu Rulan called those sitting in the corner of the furtive secretly observing Mu Rulan people can not make a move Mu Rulin also do not know what to say to the waiter the waiter followed Mu Rulin all the way out of the door of the restaurant just has been blocking them at the muzzle of Mu Rulu so angry that they want to shoot the waiter Mu Rulan out of the restaurant door immediately ran quickly into an alley the other side to kill her that is to say there is no process to enjoy the excitement or escape the good The people who came out of the restaurant saw that Mu Rulan was gone all of a sudden and immediately separated to look for him everywhere Several of them ran to the alley Mu Rulan ran and took out his cell phone to call Morse but at a corner he bumped into the man who was also running for his life with a bang Neither of them saw who it was and interactive kiosk price the pursuers were behind his buttocks So subconsciously want to take each other as a shield so the big hand to grasp the small hand the small hand to grasp the big hand one wants to pull each other to this side the other wants to pull each other to that side the result is that Ivey's force is greater than Mu Rulan but not greater than all Mu Rulan's reaction force is weaker than Ivey's the whole person threw into Ivey's arms fell to the ground together A series of movements but less than a few seconds Mu Rulan frowned and her shoulder hurt Evie drool fast super sweet taste!

I want to eat! Mu Rulan looked up Ivey's face just habitually stretched out to lick the lips of the action suddenly stopped two people surprised to look at each other Can not wait for Ivey to send out hormones to laugh out to say hello to Mu Rulan two intersecting alleys on both sides a black muzzle aimed at two people just because the original target of assassination was only one now suddenly turned into two so did not immediately shoot Ivey and Mu Rulan's movements were surprisingly consistent raising their hands and surrendering Two men in black one side is chasing Ivey one side is chasing Mu Rulan at this time collided together while the muzzle of the gun pointed at their target of assassination while looking at each other warily Who are you Someone asked the other side speaking Italian Mu Rulan did not understand but Ivey understood Pointing to Ivey's side someone said "The Miophil family" What about you Pointing to Mu Rulan's side the man's hair stood on end in an instant Miofil thermal imaging camera It's also a Mafia family but it's older and more powerful than their family and more importantly They're the remnants of the Tobis family!

After learning that their eldest brother was caught and killed by the White Empire by the dead girl even their family was destroyed by the White Empire and the rest of the loyal party did not have the courage to seek revenge from the White Empire After knowing that Mu Rulan appeared in Italy they wanted to destroy her for revenge Unexpectedly they met other Mafia families and it was Miofil The family and the White Empire have cooperation and even promised to help the White Empire deal with the rest of the Tobis family they have been down this period of time but has been evading the pursuit of Miophil did not expect to now actually damn hit! Their hearts were beating like thunder and they were sure that if they said they were members of the Tobis family they would be temperature check kiosk destroyed by each other immediately Which family are you from Miofer's people saw that the other side did not answer immediately alert up a muzzle moved from Ivey to the other side of the leader the Mafia rarely do things together accidentally bumped together told the other side of their own family we all know in our hearts not the enemy as if it was just passing by if the enemy It may be disadvantageous for the other party to see what he is doing so there may be an immediate firefight The two sides inexplicably confronted each other but Mu Rulan and Ivey who were caught in the middle appeared to have no pressure

Mu Rulan couldn't understand what they were saying She got very close to Ivey and asked in a low voice in Chinese "Why is Mr Ivey here" Ivey seemed to think it was funny for them to squat on the ground and raise their hands like this and the smile on their lips was very bright "It's much safer here than in the United States and other countries dear" It's convenient for him to hunt The United States has the FBI and the Mexican people while Italy is the world of the mafia and the church and it is easy to find an underground black market to get an identity card which is especially suitable for wanted criminals like him You might consider going to Africa Mu Rulan said Oh! no!”

"I can't find a delicious little baby there I'll starve to death!" Mu Rulan looked at Ivey a few times and nodded Indeed it was not appropriate for him to go to Africa mainly in a large group of black people Such a handsome and attractive white man was too conspicuous to be caught in prison The two perverts crouching on the ground below seemed to be talking happily and they didn't seem to care about each other being caught and the two Mafia families over there seemed to be against each other and the interactive whiteboard prices Tobis family wanted to talk nonsense about a Mafia family to deceive Miofil but they didn't dare to say it casually in case the other side asked to see the proof so they were deadlocked for a few minutes The people of the Tobis family suddenly turned around and ran away Miofil sent a few people to chase him and the rest tied up Ivy and Mu Rulan Mu Rulan and Ivy were stuffed into the car hands handcuffed behind her completely do not understand what is going on she went out the result was kidnapped "Mr Ivey did you eat the girl in the other family" She was obviously implicated by Evie Without the slightest sense of guilt Ivey licked her lips with the tip of her red tongue "I should have a bottle of 70-year-old red wine" 。