After inadvertently opening the iron box he said to Xu Rongting "This is what my son-in-law told me to present to you There are a total of 200 hectares of fertile land in Chuzhou and Hangzhou good manors everywhere and more than a dozen commercial real estate in the two places with an annual rent of no less than 100000 yuan" The emperor's son-in-law said 'Mr Xu and his family have sacrificed a lot for the Great Song Dynasty Although these are the conditions that have been agreed upon in advance Mr Xu and his family are very sorry that they have moved to the Great Song Dynasty because of the fatigue of their boats In addition they have offered five hundred taels of gold from the Xingguo Bank of the Great Song to settle down' Please accept these sir! XuRongTing after seeing these priceless bills in the heart how many also settled down in fact these years for Wang Jinghui work he did not get less profit think about a few years ago he XuShi but to state a relatively rich merchants less than white marble mosaic ten years in the whole Liao also can arrange the name of the rich this also did not take advantage of the young man Even if the other side does not give him anything it is no problem to be a rich man in the Song Dynasty with the accumulation of these years After Xu Rongting took the small iron box from Wuxin's hand he said with a smile "My son-in-law is really a man of benevolence and righteousness When I arrive in the Song Dynasty I will come to thank him personally" "You're welcome Mr Xu" he said with an unintentional smile "The court will never forget that you can do so many things for the Song Dynasty When you return to the Song Dynasty the emperor of the Song Dynasty will give you another reward!"! I don't know how the gentleman's family is tidying up There is a special boat waiting for the gentleman on the port outside the city If it is tidied up please get on the boat immediately! After settling the Xu family Xu Dao rushed out and shouted to Xu Dao when he was about to step out of Xu Fu and continue to arrange the next battle "General" he said "I have an unkind request to ask the general to answer!"

"Brother Xu is a man whom you have praised" he replied with a smile "As long as I can do it I will do it for him" Six years ago Xu Daochong on behalf of his family secretly went to the Song Dynasty to meet Wang Jinghui He knew that the general of the Song Army was just a bookboy beside Xiao Wang's son-in-law He did not expect that the identity of the other party had changed so much today which made him sigh I'm flattered What I want to ask the general is that there is a small village in Hejiaji fifty miles east of Laizhou Our Xu family also has merchants there There are more than four hundred caravans in our Xu family's caravan If it weren't for the fact that they just came back from Tokyo we would arrange this caravan in Laizhou If the general needs it he can take it But this caravan is an old man who has worked in our Xu family for many years If possible please take more care of the general It's better to bring them back to the Song Dynasty! Xu Daochong knew that the other side's military situation was urgent so he stopped making more pleasantries and said things directly "This carriage is what we urgently need and we also need a large number of civilian workers to escort supplies this caravan we can use white marble slabs let them follow us" I'm sure I can bring them back to the Song Dynasty but I don't know them "General please rest assured that this caravan travels between Laizhou and Tokyo all the year round It's a long way to meet a lot of robbers This caravan may not be comparable to the soldiers under the general but it's no problem to deal with a small number of robbers They will never miss the general's event!"

Xu Daochong said with a smile That's good! Brother Xu please rest assured that I will pay attention to this matter! Inadvertently answered then got on the horse and left the Xu family When more than one hundred members of the Xu family arrived at the harbor with their own luggage they saw pietra gray marble dozens of Song Dynasty ships moored in the harbor The Xu family took both land and sea Naturally they were no strangers to the big ships built by the Song Dynasty Seeing the busy Song soldiers in the harbor the Xu family also had a special feeling in their hearts They were about to leave this place where they had lived for hundreds of years They felt somewhat melancholy in their hearts Far away how did Song Jun treat the people in the city Xu Rongting looked at Song Jun who was carrying boxes to the boat and asked his son casually He was no stranger to the boxes that the Song army was carrying to the ship The patterns on the boxes were Khitan style from which we can see that these boxes were the trophies of the Song army

"The Song army has strict military discipline as long as they do not resist they will never be attacked" However after entering the city the Song army was counterattacked by some big Khitan families The Song generals had already issued an order to confiscate all the property of the rich Khitan families in the city I'm afraid these are the booty to be transported back to the Song Dynasty Xu Daochong naturally knew what his father wanted to ask so he answered truthfully Xu Rongting nodded in silence Xu Daochong looked at it in his eyes and then said "Now the Song army has closely guarded the city and port of Laizhou Everyone can only enter but not leave So now other places should not know that the Song army has occupied Laizhou" Look at the Song army like this I'm afraid there are a lot of soldiers will be transported from the sea it seems that the Song Dynasty is really going to be serious about Liao! "Big Song deliberately planned for so long endure until today to start such momentum is naturally not small"

Originally I thought that when Mogu invaded the south the Great Song would probably come but I didn't expect that when both the Khitan people and the divination people were about to be exhausted the Great Song started and unexpectedly captured Laizhou from the sea Such a plan is really terrible! Xu Rongting whispered The Great Song Dynasty was grey marble slab flourishing and after the destruction of the Western Xia Dynasty it had already shown the trend of unifying the world but it was ridiculous that the Khitan Dynasty still had illusions about the Great Song Dynasty The young man my father met in Dading Mansion two years ago is also a disciple of Xiao Wang's son-in-law He can put such an important person around him in Dading Mansion We can see that the Song Dynasty's plot is not small The land of Yanyun may not be able to satisfy the Song Dynasty! Xu Daochong has always been proud of the Han people plus young and vigorous naturally will not speak in a low voice like his father The land of Yanyun may be enough for the Song Dynasty but it may not be able to satisfy that person! Not a few years later our father and son will be able to return to Laizhou No one in Tokyo is more familiar with the Xu family than we are Father estimates that when we return to the Song Dynasty that person will come to us again! Xu Rongting said with a slight smile After listening to his father's words Xu Daochong was stunned and just wanted to say something but the big ship shook lightly-the big ship had already left the harbor and began to sail to the Song Dynasty Chapter four hundred and five of the main text