If I had appeared earlier perhaps you would not have clasped your fingers with another person or met a little later Late to two people in their own love experience slowly learned tolerance and understanding kindness and compromise perhaps when they come together they will not give up so easily willfully turn around and let go of love Ye Wudao didn't think that Tian Jingsheng who specialized in mathematics also had this kind of emotional and sad cognition When he heard this sentence from Tian Jingsheng's mouth he almost didn't scare him out of his teeth He walked out of the dormitory and chewed it carefully Ye Wudao couldn't help feeling that a man's maturity really needs emotional ripening Arriving at Han Yun's apartment she was busy washing dishes in the kitchen just after dinner and was successfully hugged in her arms by Ye Wudao's sneak attack After a panic she soon felt the man she missed day and night from the smell and let him lick his cheeks and neck slowly Their bodies soon warmed up and once the desire opened the shackles it would be unstoppable On the warm big bed two perfectly matched bodies are rolling and twisting Ye Wudao's overbearing gentleness is once again revealed incisively and vividly Han Yun who wants to die is ingratiating herself with death Her craziness and charm at this time make people look askance Where is the dignified and serious senior leader during the day Ye Wudao expresses his attachment to the beauty under his body in another speechless way When they are satisfied with the enjoyment of the climax Micro Gear Motor and fall Tired Han Yun originally wanted to say something but could not resist the warmth of Ye Wudao's embrace and gradually fell asleep Ye Wudao who was smoking at the head of the bed stroked Han Yun's thin cheek with one hand Finally he gently let go of Han Yun and went to the balcony to stare at the quiet night sky The restless mood gradually calms down a leaf falls and knows the autumn of the world a quiet person should take a sleepless walk to sing the cool day Ye Wudao overlooks the autumn night view of the campus with a touch of melancholy Originally with the cold breath between heaven and earth gradually stable mood suddenly turbulent even in the face of Qinglong also standing fearless shadow cold front this moment also suddenly shocked Under the moonlight Dressed in a snow-winning dress An icy sword as clear as snow Lingbo a woman as light as autumn water came with a slight step Ye Wudao black eyes locked the uninvited guest every subtle movement to seek flaws but the Qingyan woman from Shanshan was impeccable Ye Wudao knew that this woman was the strongest opponent he had seen in three years although this sense of oppression was slightly inferior to Qinglong a god-like man but not weaker than the middle-aged man who saw the strange man at the auction At this time Ye Wudao did not know that this man with extraordinary temperament was Liu Yunxiu the emperor's teacher and that middle-aged man was Cao Tianding one of the three dragon envoys of the Dragon Gang! This woman has the strength of the top ten masters of the Dragon List!

The smile at the corners of Ye Wudao's mouth is gradually cold and the dark breath envelops him in the boiling spirit of war Such an opponent can be said to be once in a blue moon although Ye Wudao has fought with Qinglong lightly But that kind of tentative confrontation of retaining strength simply can not let Ye Wudao get a qualitative leap But the crux of the problem is that this rare opponent is a woman but also a woman whose appearance and temperament can almost be compared with the beauty of Murong Xuehen Although she is inferior to the incomparable Murong Xuehen Low Rpm Electric Motor the cold and quiet temperament that is extremely similar to Ye Qingge is still not something that ordinary men or even women can resist Ye Wudao raised his eyebrows and flashed in front of the woman in an instant The drifting figure made the mysterious woman's wonderful eyes flash with a touch of splendor Immortal Ye Wudao asked cynically and irreverently his eyes unscrupulously violating the woman whose elegant appearance was not inferior to that of Qinglong as if he had forgotten that the beautiful woman who reversed all living beings could be a master of the Dragon List The snow-clad woman was quiet and silent and her sword which was as cool as snow trembled slightly Monster Ye Wudao's mouth is still hanging with a warm smile lazy and intoxicating In particular he the king of the night was even more like a demon queen in such a night sky which was in sharp contrast to the woman Qingchen woman frowned slightly and the bright sword of Qingyin gradually subsided

Ye Wudao who looked like a scoundrel was about to touch the graceful and curvy chest of this beautiful woman As a result she made the sacred shape of the lotus seal with one hand and picked up an imperial formula similar to the nine-character mantra with the other hand Ye Wudao seemed slow and frivolous but in fact his swift and amazing movements were lightly removed by the woman Ye Wudao who had no surprised expression at all tilted his head and stared at the alien with a holy face There is no such person in the Chinese Dragon List and none of the ancient gangs except the Dragon Gang can cultivate such a talented martial arts genius but Ye Wudao is sure that the stubborn and conservative Dragon Gang will not cultivate a woman like this even if she has a high talent for martial arts! Ye Wudao suddenly thought of a name that the world's underworld could not ignore a master who enjoyed the highest honor in Japan and was even worshipped as a teacher by the Emperor of Japan a woman worshipped by all Japanese men!

Ye Yin Zhixin the first Ninjutsu master of Japanese kendo! A very dirty country can give birth to such a quiet and dust-free woman Ye Wudao can not help shaking his head and sighing if not because she is a beautiful woman a big beauty who makes him slightly interested even if she is the top three Japanese martial arts masters Ye Wudao also wants to Gear Reduction Motor shoot so although she may be seriously injured she may not be able to leave that kind of realm Perhaps it will let the opponents hiding in the dark such as the Dragon Gang such as Li Lingfeng take the opportunity to enter but Ye Wudao as a descendant of the Yellow Emperor of China still will not indulge a top Japanese player in the field of China Japan's hundreds of millions of vulgar powder alone as a pool of clear water Ye Wudao just can't give birth to a little heart of killing such a woman may be able to turn a blind eye to Qinglong Ye Wudao self-mockery touched the nose the line of sight never left her perfect crisp chest You go the next time we meet I will not let you go even if I put together a jade stone I will leave you behind Ye Wudao restrained himself and said frivolously Taibai is in power the white tiger in the west is confused the rosefinch in the south is singing the basalt in the north is full of soul and the blue dragon in the east is a sword The woman in the snow shirt opened her sandalwood mouth lightly and spoke slowly with a kind of Falun secret language similar to Tibetan secret Her cold voice was as clear as a jade bead falling on a plate Although she did not understand the language she could understand what she said "Who is Huang Tell me" 。 ichgearmotor.com