Soon Hitler's motorcade led by two armored vehicles headed straight for the Hansl Bauer Hotel where Rom was resting Before Hitler stepped out of the car a large number of heavily armed soldiers of the Chancellor's Guard had rushed down from the truck behind them and they quickly sealed off and surrounded the whole hotel as planned The SA sentries inside and outside the hotel were brought under control without any movement at all and they had to watch their leaders swaggering into the hotel Hitler was the first to go in followed closely by Ji Ming Two people walked around the first floor unfortunately they did not see a figure on the first floor the restaurant is empty However the tableware on the big table in the dining room was neatly arranged which seemed to be used for the lunch banquet At this time a hotel service In front of their eyes as soon as they met the Prime Minister of the Empire appeared She ate a lot and he hurriedly said that the Fuehrer was very honored to come But Small Geared Motors Ji Ming called to her and told her to take them to see Rom immediately But in the corridor leading to Rom's bedroom they met the young Count Spretti who was known for his beauty He was Rom's friend and adjutant and the guy was woken up by the noise so he jumped out of his bed to see what was going on Suddenly Hitler rushed to his side

He took an old hippopotamus whip from one of the guards and pulled it over his face Suddenly the "beautiful" Count Spretti was bleeding He had to lie on the ground with his head mechanically It took Hitler a good thirty minutes to stop He kicked his opponent and then said to Ji Ming "Lock this bastard up" Then he continued to walk and rushed to Rom's room Ji Ming leaned against the door and tapped on Rom's door with his hand After a while the door was just opened a crack Ji Ming kicked the door open Then Hitler went in first with a pistol and Jimming rushed in second when he found Rom who had just got up sleepy panicked and confused just blinking there He was alone on the bed while another tall handsome man was lying on the floor by the door "Ernst" Hitler looked back disdainfully at the handsome man lying naked on the floor and said to Rom "you are under arrest" His tone was very calm completely different from the hysterical manner in the Ministry of the Interior and when he had just beaten Count Spretti except that his movements were a little stiff My leader Rom obviously didn't know what was going on and it didn't seem like he was really pretending Get me dressed you traitor Hitler cursed loudly Rom did not say anything but silently put on the single clothes on the bedside Just then micro gear motor there were several shots from the next room and Jimming immediately pushed Hitler to the floor and directed the people behind him to take Rom away After a while Schulz the head of Bavaria's security branch ran over He first raised his hand to Hitler and Ji Ming and then reported respectfully "Your Excellency you were frightened by what happened just now and we have dealt with it" It's all right "What on earth is going on" Ji Ming scolded fiercely Now he doesn't want anything to go wrong and now any small mistake may kill him without a burial place "Well" Heydrich explained hurriedly "when we went to check the room of Haynes the stormtrooper leader next door we were shot at by the other side and we had to fight back Now that Hines and his gay lover have been killed by us Schultz was reporting when there was a sudden sound of rapid footsteps downstairs and then he saw Hugo the captain of the special action team of the General Security Bureau Crass came up 。“ "No sir" he said after a heavy breath "three convoys full of guards from the headquarters of the stormtroopers have come here with about a hundred men on board Now our people are confronting each other Prime Minister please go through the back door Crass suggested

"No!"! I'm going to see it! Hitler interrupted Crass's suggestion Leader! Rom spoke sharply in the back "Let me pass!"! Only I can persuade them! With that he looked at Hitler imploringly Fine Hitler nodded then motioned for Rom to pass Hugo! Ji Ming called Crass "watch him if there is any change kill him first and then go out!" He told the other side carefully Ji Ming followed closely behind protected by a large group of people except for the gate Now the situation at the gate is very tense and there is a smell of wind and rain The black-uniformed Prime Minister's Guard and the khaki-uniformed stormtroopers both armed and nervously looking at each other could lead to a bad result at the slightest sign of trouble When Rom appeared in front of them everyone involuntarily laid down their weapons especially Small Dc Gear Motor the stormtroopers who apparently wondered why their commander had been arrested I order you to put down your guns! Rom shouted at the stormtroopers but the stormtroopers stood there and did not lay down their weapons as Rom ordered Put the gun down! Come on put the gun down!

I command you! Rom continued to command loudly Patter! One of the stormtroopers dropped his rifle followed by a second and a third A few minutes later all the stormtroopers dropped their weapons Get out of the way! Rom continued to order and the stormtroopers blocking the door automatically cleared a path I'll be right back! He spoke to his men and was taken to the car by black-uniformed soldiers of the Prime Minister's Guard Chapter 4 Chapter 152 Premarital Interlude Updated January 7 2009 24709 Words in this Chapter 3506