What's the matter with always feeling that someone has been fooled Nope! It must be their delusion! Yun Jiao still did not stop took a look at the person beside him organized the language and then said the ultimate goal "yes a few days ago I just sent back the demon Dan of the cat demon calculate the time the little fox's diagnosis money should also be sent" It's just that he's always timid and he doesn't know what food he sent and where he threw it It's not easy to find this situation in Guanzhong now Grandfather why don't you let Wenqing Tianzun use magic to restore the house first Otherwise it will be a pity if Planetary Gear Motor it breaks down after a long time Ye yuan frowned and the ice in his eyes suddenly stuck into Wen Qing's body The stupid disciple smashed my house destroyed my food and wanted to clean up the house every minute Wen Qing was stared at all over a tremor subconsciously stepped back behind the white just want to find a crack in the ground blue thin Mushroom! "Mmm" For half a night yuanyuan nodded his head and temporarily revoked the punishment for someone Yun Jiao breathed a sigh of relief and said "Old man I'm going to cook first You help Wen Qing Tianzun look around and tell him what the original Taoist temple looks like" Then he gave him a'you know 'look The old man looked pleased and understood in an instant He nodded forcefully and said "Good girl wrap it on me I will make it clear to him in detail" Well it's time for them to renovate and expand Qingyang "Wenqing Tianzun is the center Let's start from there please!"

"All right all right" Wen Qing nodded wildly like a chicken pecking rice saluted in the direction of the night deep and then turned around and walked away with the old man in a hurry As long as he doesn't stay here let alone cast a spell to build a house let him go to the demon world —— Yun Jiao always cooks quickly and in less than half an hour the delicious breakfast has already come out of the pot It happened that the old man and Wen Qing also completed the reconstruction project of the Qingyang School Bai deserves to eat Yunjiao rice for several years and perfectly understand the essence of the three words "you know" Following Wen Ching-dong's advice and a word of advice not only did the original dilapidated Ching-yang School take on a new look for free but it also expanded more than three times Although not as good as the original Demon King Palace the ground is covered with jade as "Hao" inhuman but it has fully possessed the force of a big school It's not much worse than the original Tianshi Hall Cloud Jiao satisfied to the old man clip a Fried Leek Dumplings look more reading is still useful! She conveniently clipped three more for the grandfather but when she looked up she saw an engineer surnamed Wen who was confused and at a loss standing two meters away from the table She froze for a moment and subconsciously pointed to the vacant seat on the right and said "Sit down!"! You're welcome! Porridge or powder She specially made a meal for four people today At least she built a house for the whole morning so she should leave a meal Wen Qing is still a little confused looked at the table full of food they are not forgetting that they are immortals have long opened the valley 12v High Torque Motor and the food of the mortal world for him And It smells ***ing good! I want to eat! (ˉ﹃ˉ) He subconsciously looked at someone who had opened the valley earlier than him and saw that he had no objection except for frowning at the beginning Then he sat carefully on the right side Give Yunjiao filled him with a bowl of porridge Thank you very much Wen Qing thanked him and took a sip subconsciously Also do not know is not too long has not eaten ordinary food he suddenly felt a warm current from the mouth all the way down the whole body is warm up and the mouth remains fragrant OK Drink well! (⊙o⊙) It seemed that the spirit of the whole day under the high pressure of his master had been restored and his whole body was relaxed in an instant He breathed a long sigh of relief the whole person relaxed a lot turned to look at the side of the cloud eyes full of touching Perhaps he had many disciples and when he saw the excellent younger generation he couldn't help but want to praise them

Recalling that she had said before that she was a disciple of Qingyang for more than a hundred generations although he had established a school a long time ago he was also from the same school After thinking about his seniority he opened his mouth and said "This little disciple your craftsmanship" The words have not finished a moment of cold line of sight suddenly stabbed over like a sharp blade in the general straight on his body-who called the little disciple Sun Wen Qing shook his hand in an instant and almost threw the bowl out What's wrong with Master Good eyes Terrible! It happened that the chill on the other side was getting heavier and heavier and Wen Qing felt that his whole person was going to be frozen up What did he do wrong Can't you call the little disciple Sun That That "Little" Nephew He had no choice but to raise someone's seniority by more than a hundred times and then Ye yuan withdrew his sight You are really Good craftsmanship “……” What the hell is Martial Nephew Do you always feel that your school is becoming more and more complicated and confusing Yun Jiao also did not care smoothly replied "all right like you to eat more" Wen Qing smiled stiffly dared not open his mouth any more drank a few mouthfuls of porridge attentively looked at a dish of pickles in the middle of the table and subconsciously stretched out his chopsticks to 24v Gear Motor pick them up No 2 Yun Jiao and Bai Qi exclaimed at the same time but it was too late The next moment only to hear a bang Wen Qing's whole person bounced out like a ball hit hard on the newly built masonry wall more than ten meters away firmly stuck in the middle of the wall looking at the depth is difficult to dig down Yun Jiao "… …" Bai "… …"

If I had known I should have told him earlier that the dish of pickles was picked up from the grandfather's jar and the old man never dared to pick it up Chapter 105 world-shaking skills Due to the rapid completion of the reconstruction project in Qingyang the old man resumed teaching the next day Due to the suspension of classes for two days there was a large backlog of courses As a principled training institution Yunjiao had to help correct the homework of Class 2 Perhaps because most people in this world are good at liberal arts these test papers are not as wrong as the previous array test papers The correct rate of the whole staff is more than 60% and there are even more than a dozen ninety points What is wrong is some extended questions not the understanding of the method ichgearmotor.com