Just then Wen Qingye also slowly scattered around secretly saying "There are many masters in this small room There are two big Luo Jinxian and several Wuji Jinxian hidden in it" Just entered the room Wen Qingye did not pay attention to the people around this time found that the monks around the crowd is not a simple character Feng Hao walked slowly to the stove with a smile on his lips He picked up a piece of black iron beside him and said "This is Tiantie Zhu Lao please take good care of it" Zhu Haiyu nodded and did not speak Feng Hao took out a black hammer from Sumeru mustard and then threw the iron into the blacksmith's stove without hesitation Tiantie was thrown into the furnace but it did not merge and the fire on the furnace became smaller and smaller What is Feng Hao doing Tiantie is a very negative thing How could he throw it into such a low spiritual fire Does he think he is a senior immortal alchemist That's ridiculous When they saw Feng Hao throwing Tiantie into the stove they all shook their heads and sneered Tiantie is a very negative thing how can the general flame refine this Tiantie Zhu Haiyu's face was expressionless and silent all the time When small geared motors Feng Hao heard the words of the people around him he sneered and said "You all look after me" With that Feng Hao picked up the black hammer and pounded the iron in the fire Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The sound of Feng Hao's beating was clear and melodious very regular and all the people listened to the sound as they stopped talking and became absorbed Look carefully Feng Hao seems to hit out with a hammer and the black hammer will release nine True Qi and instill it into Tiantie The method of folding and forging in Jiuyang!

Wen Qingye's eyes narrowed slightly and in his heart he could not help thinking of a master of refining utensils in the southern Xianting When the boy saw Feng Hao beating he didn't take it seriously and said "What kind of forging method is this" Such a simple and vulgar way of forging I can also " "Ignorance!" Feng Linger looked at the young man with a sneer at the corners of her mouth "You follow Zhu Haiyu it's better to follow Feng Hao" Feng Linger is already charming and moving but now the corners of her mouth are hooked and she has a little more amorous feelings I The young man saw Feng Linger so charming and heard her taunt himself and his face turned red Just then Tiantie began to deform slowly with the constant beating of Fenghao and Zhu Haiyu's face suddenly changed As he knocked Feng Hao looked at Zhu Haiyu and the boy and said "Take a good look and learn well do you know" Zhu Haiyu looked at Feng Hao who was beating constantly and said in amazement "The method of folding and forging Jiuyang This is the method of folding and forging Jiuyang of Jiuming Xianjun" "What" Jiuming Xianjun's method of folding and forging Jiuyang "Feng Hao actually knows the forging method of Jiuming Xianjun Isn't it very difficult to learn the folding forging method of Jiuyang" "I didn't expect Feng Hao not only to practice but also to practice talent The children of the Feng family of this generation are amazing gear reduction motor " "With this method of forging Zhu Lao is afraid of" Hearing Zhu Haiyu's words there was a flood of comments around him People originally thought that Feng Hao was not Zhu Haiyu's opponent at all but who would have thought that the end suddenly came to a reversal Feng Hao would actually fold the forging method of Jiuyang At this time that day iron in the wind Hao's knock turned into a black arrow

"Yes this is the method of folding and forging in Jiuyang" Feng Hao looked at the work in his hand with satisfaction He looked up at Zhu Haiyu and said "Fifty years ago I was accepted as a disciple by Jiuming Xianjun" When Zhu Haiyu heard this a trace of anger appeared in his eyes "Good very good" he said Feng Linger sneered and pointed at the young man next to Zhu Haiyu "Give this boy to us old man" she said "Admit defeat" Feng Hao also nodded and said with a smile "Yes this child is such a good seedling It's a waste to put it in your hands" When the boy heard the words of Fengling and Fenghao he couldn't help saying angrily "I won't go with you" Feng Linger smiled and said "It doesn't matter to you whether you go or not If this old guy loses he must go with us" "Leave it to you no way" Zhu Haiyu snorted coldly and said "Even if I die today I will accompany you to the end" Zhu Haiyu finished walked to the front of the stove the look became extremely dignified Wen Qingye looked at the boy and said to himself "It seems that the two sides are fighting for the boy It seems that there is nothing magical about the boy" Ren Qingyang looked ahead at Zhu Haiyu and asked in a low voice "Brother Wen do you think my old friend will win" Wen Qingye said lightly "Look at your old friend's tricks" Jiuyang folding forging method is an ancient forging method which already belongs brushless gear motor to the advanced immortal forging method and the posture of Fenghao is enough to use the essence of Jiuyang folding forging method It is very difficult for Zhu Haiyu to win Zhu Haiyu went to the front of the stove also put Tiantie into the stove and then took out his hammer from Sumeru mustard Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhu Haiyu moved the True Qi and began to use his own method of forging the waves All the people present could not take their eyes off Zhu Haiyu's forging Wen Qingye shook his head when he saw this and said "Your friend lost" Zhu Haiyu's forging method is also good and the essence of it can be used 50% but it is impossible to beat the folding forging method of Jiuyang After half a stick of incense the iron remained motionless that day and there was no sign of deformation but Zhu Haiyu was soaked through as if he had just been salvaged from the water Boom! With the final blow Zhu Haiyu retreated four or five steps to the rear gasping for breath It was obvious that he had tried his best but the iron had not changed that day Lost! The monks looked at each other and they didn't expect that Zhu Haiyu would lose to the younger generation of the Feng family Master! The boy saw this and hurried over Feng Hao snorted coldly "Do you still want to beat me with such a vulgar way of forging in the countryside" 。 ichgearmotor.com